Figure 5 : Synchronization-induced phase coherence is robust to noise.

From: Classical synchronization indicates persistent entanglement in isolated quantum systems

Figure 5

(a) Without coupling (K=0, thin black line), the coherence α12(t) of two coupled modes decays rapidly in the presence of phase noise. The synchronisation coupling slows down this decay by orders of magnitude (K=0.8 dash-dotted blue line, K=0.4 solid turquois line). For a weak but non-zero coupling, the phase coherence becomes almost constant in time at a value of α12(t)≈10−1 after a transient decrease (K=0.1 dashed red line). The noise strength is κ=0.02. (b) Phase coherence is remarkably robust especially in the subcritical regime 0<KKc. For K=0.1 the coherence α12(t) at time t=20 T is almost independent of the noise strength κ. The remaining parameters are as in Fig. 1.