Figure 2 : Evidence for Congo-Nilotic hybridization in the ancestry of the LVRS.

From: Ancient hybridization fuels rapid cichlid fish adaptive radiations

Figure 2

(a) Schematic genealogy with taxa used for D statistics (n=73 individuals, see Supplementary Data 2). Abbreviations used in other panels are given in parentheses and the color scheme is the same as in Figure 1. The inferred gene flow edge is shown with an arrow (Note the directionality of gene flow is inferred with the five-population test not shown in this figure). (b) D statistics to test for potential gene flow between each Eastern and Upper Nile taxon (P3) separately (abbreviations given in a) and cichlids from each LVR lake radiation (P1) or the Congolese taxon A. stappersi (P2). Vertical bars correspond to three standard errors. Positive D values indicate gene flow between P1 (LVR lake radiation) and P3 (Eastern or Upper Nile taxon), whereas negative D values indicate gene flow between P2 (A. stappersi) and P3 (Eastern or Upper Nile taxon) as illustrated in (c). Exact values and more test results are given in Supplementary Table 2.