Figure 3: Rheology and processability of HIPPE. | Nature Communications

Figure 3: Rheology and processability of HIPPE.

From: Processable high internal phase Pickering emulsions using depletion attraction

Figure 3

(a) Strain amplitude sweep and (b) frequency sweep for oscillatory complex moduli for HIPPE (0.54 vol% particles and 3.3 wt% PEG). (c,d) Linear shear elasticity measurements (blue, (d)) after application of intermittent high shear stress (orange, (c)). (e) Photographs of HIPPEs processed using the six samples in d. During the process of writing letters, the destabilization of HIPPE samples are observed. Images are taken 10 min after writing letters, and the shown structures are sustained at least several hours. Ehigh, Elow, Cp, Cpeg and O denote a high-energy emulsification, a low-energy emulsification, a particle concentration, a PEG concentration, and an oil fraction, respectively. Scale bar, 1 cm.

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