Table 1: Summary of IBD network clustering.

From: Clustering of 770,000 genomes reveals post-colonial population structure of North America

ClusterSamplesBirth location1000Global admixture proportions
  AnnotationsGenomesAdmixture StatisticIn (%)Out (%)
African Americans*44,966172,087ASW, ACBWest Africa>0.5951.2
European Jewish*26,547261,655Jewish>0.1990.4
French Canadians*9,689363,916West+South Europe>0.758872
Acadians*6,615204,131West+South Europe>0.758372
Portuguese, including Azores and Madeira Is.3,46832,703Iberian>0.16612
Finnish*1,68729,850FINFinland and NW Russia>0.2970.2
Hawaiians*5834,715Polynesia>0.2, Asia East>0.294, 350.1, 0.7
Northeast Mexico*6,31161,391Iberian>0.1 and Nat. Am.>0.1813
New Mexicans*5,29165,236Iberian>0.1 and Nat. Am.>0.1794
West Mexico*1,3565,924MXLIberian>0.1 and Nat. Am.>0.1904
Dominicans*§7791,698Iberian>0.1 and W. Africa>0.1801
Central Americans*1,4076,971Iberian>0.1 and Nat. Am.>0.1804
Colombians*7103,261CLMIberian>0.1 and Nat. Am.>0.1884
Lower Midwest and Appalachians108,7864,131,104West Europe>0.758756
Northeast and Utah99,3154,088,040West Europe>0.758057
Upland South93,3053,341,813West Europe>0.758856
Pennsylvania80,7542,370,273West Europe>0.757159
Lower South77,5812,608,314West Europe>0.758857
Utah4,519283,911CEUWest Europe>0.759661
Mennonites2,13952,216West Europe>0.757060
Appalachians2,04887,725West Europe>0.759961
Amish1,06742,903West Europe>0.59474
  1. ACB, African Caribbean in Barbados; ASW, people with African Ancestry in Southwest USA; CEU, Utah residents with Northern and Western European ancestry; CLM, Colombians from Medellin, Colombia; FIN, Finnish in Finland; MXL, Mexican ancestry from Los Angeles; Nat. Am., Native American; PUR, Puerto Rican.
  2. Rows are grouped to coincide with the discussion. Admixture statistics are expressed as d>x, Pin%, Pout%, meaning that Pin% individuals assigned to the cluster and Pout% outside the cluster have estimated admixture proportions for ancestral population d>x. The ‘1000 Genomes’ column summarizes population labels of any 1000 Genomes samples that project onto the same stable subsets defined in spectral embedding (Fig. 6; Supplementary Figs 4,5). See Supplementary Data 2 for a more detailed summary of the clustering results, including definition of the population labels (d).
  3. *A stable subset including more than 5% of a hierarchical cluster.
  4. A hierarchical cluster in which no detected stable subset includes more than 5% of the cluster.
  5. Interpretation of cluster is uncertain; label represents our best estimate.
  6. §Dominicans cluster is contained within Caribbean cluster.
  7. Not shown in Fig. 3.
  8. A stable subset accounting for less than 5% of a hierarchical cluster.