Figure 1 : Reef accretion rates over last 3,000 years in Bocas del Toro, Panama.

From: Prehistorical and historical declines in Caribbean coral reef accretion rates driven by loss of parrotfish

Figure 1

(a) Reef matrix cores (n=4) analysed for subfossil and sediment composition and U–Th dates (n=23) obtained (in year AD) along length of cores. AP=Airport Point, CA=Cayo Adriana, PD1 and PD2=replicate cores from Punta Donato. (b) Map of coring locations. Stars indicate population centers, including Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI)’s research station. Turquoise=AP, blue=CA, pink and green=PD1 and PD2, respectively. (c) Age-depth plot showing reef accretion trends Age reversals excluded from linear interpolations of age estimates; rates for PD2 were assumed to be equivalent to those for same core position in PD1.