Erratum: A microscopic view on the Mott transition in chromium-doped V2O3

Nature Communications 1, Article number: 105 (2010); published: 02 November 2010; updated: 17 January 2012.

In Figure 2 of this Article, panel labels c and d were inadvertently switched. A typographical error was also introduced in the last sentence of the legend, which should have read 'The scale bar in panel c represents 10 μm'. The correct version of the figure and its legend appears below.

Figure 2: Temperature-dependent photoemission microscopy measurements.

Scanning photoemission microscopy images and spectra on (V0.989Cr0.011)2O3, collected at 27 eV photon energy and at different temperatures on a 50×50 μm sample area. The images are obtained with standard procedures to remove background and topography effects16. The pictorial contrast between metallic and insulating zones is obtained from the photoemission intensity at the Fermi level17, normalized by the intensity on the V3d band (binding energy −1.2 eV). The lateral variation of this normalized intensity is represented in the colour scale (the intensity scale is the same for all four maps) from its minimum value, in violet, to its maximum, in red, and is therefore a direct visualization in real space of the metallicity of the system. Inhomogeneous properties are found within the PM phase at T=220 K (a) and 260 K (b), where metallic (in red) and insulating (in blue) domains coexist. To recover the PI phase, we heated the sample to 320 K, to make sure that the hysteresis effects still present at 300 K (see Fig. 1) are overcome: at this temperature (c) a homogenous insulating state is obtained. After a whole thermal cycle (d) the metallic regions can be found in the same position and shape as in (a). The photoemission spectra (outer panels) from selected representative areas (A, B, C) corroborate this interpretation. The scale bar in panel c represents 10μm.

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Correspondence to S. Lupi or M. Marsi.

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The online version of the original article can be found at 10.1038/ncomms1109

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