Figure 1: Estimating heritability of immune traits. | Nature Communications

Figure 1: Estimating heritability of immune traits.

From: Innate and adaptive immune traits are differentially affected by genetic and environmental factors

Figure 1

(a) Trait values from MZ twins, DZ twins or longitudinal specimens were correlated; the Pearson'’s correlation coefficients for all traits are shown as histograms. (b) The distribution of heritability of all traits as estimated by Falconer’s formula (that is, twice the difference of the Pearson’s r for MZ and DZ twins). (c) SeqM was performed on all robust traits. The traits were grouped according to cell subsets as shown under the axis. The distribution of genetic associations for traits in each category is shown as a bar chart: thick bars indicate the interquartile range (with a break at the median); thin lines indicate the 10th–90th percentiles, with dots for outliers. It is noteworthy that traits with heritabilities <60% are not shown here.

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