Figure 4: CH4 production in anaerobic incubations. | Nature Communications

Figure 4: CH4 production in anaerobic incubations.

From: Stability of peatland carbon to rising temperatures

Figure 4

Temperature response of CH4 production from (a) surface and (b) deep peat samples that were anaerobically incubated within 1 °C of in situ temperatures after 4 (closed symbols, September 2014) and 13 (open symbols, June 2015) months of deep peat warming. Circles represent values from 25 cm, triangles represent results from 75 cm, squares represent results from 100 cm, diamonds represent results from 150 cm and inverted triangles represent results from 200 cm. Temperatures reflected in situ temperatures at time of collection. The temperature response of deep peat (b) for each season was analysed separately due to a distinct bimodal distribution. Dark line indicates significant regression results. NS, not significant.

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