Figure 3 : Knockdown of CCT subunits affects pluripotency of hESCs.

From: Somatic increase of CCT8 mimics proteostasis of human pluripotent stem cells and extends C. elegans lifespan

Figure 3

(a) Real-time PCR analysis of pluripotency markers in H9 hESCs. Graphs (relative expression to NT shRNA) represent the mean±s.e.m. of at least three independent experiments. Knockdown of CCT8 (n=3), CCT2 (n=3), CCT6A (n=4) and CCT7 (n=4) decrease the expression of pluripotency markers. (b) Knockdown of CCT7 induces a decrease in OCT4 protein levels. β-actin is the loading control. The images are representative of three independent experiments. (c) Real-time PCR analysis of germ-layer markers in H9 hESCs (relative expression to NT shRNA). Graph represents the mean±s.e.m. of four independent experiments. All the statistical comparisons were made by Student’s t test for unpaired samples. P value: *P<0.05, **P<0.01, ***P<0.001, ****P<0.0001.