Figure 2 : Hydrolytic centre and ion gate of TmPPase and VrPPase.

From: Membrane pyrophosphatases from Thermotoga maritima and Vigna radiata suggest a conserved coupling mechanism

Figure 2

Key residues are labelled and hydrogen bonds shown as dashed lines. (a) The hydrolytic centre of TmPPase:IDP (blue in all figures) with bound Mg2+ (green), IDP (orange) and coordinating residues. (b) Hydrolytic centre of VrPPase:Pi (gold) showing Mg2+ (green), Pi (orange) and coordinating residues. (c) Ion gate region of TmPPase:IDP showing bound Na+ (purple) and its coordination (grey). TMH 6 and 16 are labelled. (d) Ion gate of VrPPase:IDP (yellow) showing the salt-bridge network (yellow) and coordinated waters (red). TMH 6 and 16 are labelled.