Figure 3 : PV cell and PEM electrolyser performance at the beginning and end of operation.

From: Solar water splitting by photovoltaic-electrolysis with a solar-to-hydrogen efficiency over 30%

Figure 3

The IV characteristics of the triple-junction solar cell and the dual-electrolyser at both beginning-of-operation (BOO) and end-of-operation (EOO). The blue and cyan curves are the solar cell IV curves under 42 suns at BOO and EOO, respectively. The dark and light red curves are the IV curves of the dual-electrolysers at BOO and EOO, respectively. The BOO electrolyser IV was measured as a single cyclic voltammogram to minimize catalyst degradation before system operation. The EOO electrolyser IV is presented as the average current for 2 min holds at each potential, shown with error bars indicating 1 s.d. and a connecting line to guide the eye.