Figure 1 : CRY1 is stimulated by feeding and exposure to insulin.

From: SREBP1c-CRY1 signalling represses hepatic glucose production by promoting FOXO1 degradation during refeeding

Figure 1

(a,b) C57BL/6 mice were fasted for 24 h and then refed for 12 h. Both fasted and refed mice were sacrificed at ZT 3. In the liver, levels of the CRY1 mRNA (a) and CRY1 protein (b) were determined using qRT-PCR with normalization to TBP mRNA levels and western blotting, respectively. pSREBP1, precursor SREBP1; nSREBP1, nuclear SREBP1. Data are represented as mean ±s.d., N=3 for each group. *P<0.05, **P<0.01 (Student’s t-test). (c) CRY1 gene expression was measured in mouse primary hepatocytes following 12 h of insulin exposure using qRT-PCR. The level of the TBP mRNA was used for the qRT-PCR normalization. Data are represented as mean±s.d., N=3 for each group. *P<0.05, ***P<0.001 (Student’s t-test). See Supplementary Fig. 13 for original full immunoblot.