Table 2 Experimental factors predicting β-diversity of leaf- and root- associated bacterial communities.

From: Host genotype and age shape the leaf and root microbiomes of a wild perennial plant

  Leaf Root
  PCo1 PCo2 PCo3 PCo1 PCo2 PCo3
R 2 0.84 0.63 0.64 0.89 0.76 0.44
Site F2,55=232 F2,48=39 F2,46=73.3 F2,35=457 F2,32=70.9 F2,38=20.9
  P <3e−16 P =8.8e−11 P =1.1e−14 P <3e−16 P =4.9e−12 P =8.6e−07
Geno. F4,12=7.65 F4,261=3.82 F4,13=4.08 F4,25=0.224 F4,17=0.234 F4,28=0.118
  P =0.0088 P =0.0098 P =0.026 P=1 P=1 P=1
Geno. × Site F8,257=4.53 F8,259=1.89 F8,258=1.27 F8,255=1.04 F8,255=0.312 F8,260=0.857
  P =0.00011 P=0.12 P=0.26 P=1 P=1 P=1
Age F2,65=0.789 F2,63=3.34 F2,63=0.734 F2,55=0.43 F2,49=61.2 F2,64=13.4
  P=0.92 P=0.13 P=0.92 P=0.65 P =1.5e−13 P =2.8e−05
Age × Site F4,62=1.55 F4,61=0.229 F4,61=1.26 F4,55=2.31 F4,48=10.8 F4,62=2.87
  P=0.6 P=0.92 P=0.6 P=0.07 P =7.7e −06 P=0.06
Year F1,59=5.88 F1,69=0.009 F1,41=3.88 F1,61=18.4 F1,60=7.65 F1,61=25.2
  P=0.055 P=0.93 P=0.11 P =0.00013 P =0.0076 P =1.4e05
Year × Site F2,97=0.511 F2,73=1.27 F2,68=0.975 F2,65=2.54 F2,66=6.94 F2,93=0.178
  P=0.86 P=0.86 P=0.86 P=0.17 P =0.0055 P=0.84
Block χ21=0.06 χ21=4.54 χ21=3.59 χ21=5.49 χ21=1.26 χ21=0.09
  P=0.81 P=0.099 P=0.12 P=0.057 P=0.52 P=0.76
Line χ21=0.16 χ21=0 χ21=1.3e−05 χ21=1.00 χ21=0.28 χ21=1.53
  P=1 P=1 P=1 P=0.65 P=0.65 P=0.65
Obs F1,279=17.3 F1,273=156 F1,239=24.7 F1,177=8.84 F1,205=3.2 F1,127=19.1
  P =4.2e−05 P <3e−16 P =2.6e−06 P =0.0067 P=0.075 P =7.5e−05
MiSeq run χ21=4.62 χ21=1.41 χ21=0.001 χ21=1.2 χ21=2.94 χ21=0.28
  P=0.095 P=0.47 P=0.97 P=0.55 P=0.26 P=0.59
  1. ANOVA, analysis of variance.
  2. Statistics describe linear random-intercept models of weighted UniFrac principal coordinates in leaves and roots. ‘Geno’, plant genotype; and ‘Obs’, total number of observations (log-transformed). All P values were adjusted for multiple comparisons using the sequential Bonferroni correction. Significance was assessed using type III ANOVA with F tests for fixed effects and likelihood ratio tests for random effects. Bold values indicate statistically significant results after correction for multiple comparisons, P<0.05.