Table 1 Experimental factors predicting α-diversity of leaf- and root- associated bacterial communities.

From: Host genotype and age shape the leaf and root microbiomes of a wild perennial plant

  Leaf Root
  Shannon Chao1 Shannon Chao1
R 2 0.56 0.63 0.68 0.72
Site F 2,48=44.1 F 2,49=51 F 2,41=140 F 2,34=141
  P =1.4e11 P =2.3e−12 P <3e−16 P <3e−16
Geno. F4,263=1.62 F 4,258=4.68 F 4,28=0.648 F 4,261=0.344
  P=0.17 P =0.0023 P=1 P=1
Geno. × Site F8,261=2.33 F 8,256=0.903 F 8,260=1.73 F 8,259=0.94
  P =0.04 P=0.51 P=0.18 P=0.48
Age F 2,61=0.652 F 2,64=1.11 F 2,67=2.91 F 2,57=6.08
  P=0.67 P=0.67 P=0.062 P =0.0081
Age × Site F 4,59=1.63 F 4,63=1.48 F 4,65=0.724 F 4,56=7.85
  P=0.36 P=0.36 P=0.58 P =8.6e−05
Year F 1,73=7.36 F 1,66=8.37 F 1,54=6.73 F 1,72=12.3
  P =0.01 P =0.01 P =0.012 P =0.0016
Year × Site F 2,79=0.741 F 2,71=0.193 F 2,88=0.153 F 2,73=5.94
  P=0.96 P=0.96 P=0.86 P =0.0082
Block χ21=1.48 χ21=6.27 χ21=1.13 χ21=2.08
  P=0.22 P =0.025 P=0.3 P=0.3
Line χ21=7.96e-13 χ21=0 χ21=0.0128 χ21=0
  P=1 P=1 P=1 P=1
Obs F 1,273=3.08 F 1,267=132 F 1,180=0.4 F 1,137=104
  P=0.081 P <3e−16 P=0.53 P <3e−16
MiSeq run χ21=0.754 χ21=0.649 χ21=1.79 χ21=0.123
  P=0.77 P=0.77 P=0.36 P=0.73
  1. ANOVA, analysis of variance.
  2. Statistics describe linear random-intercept models of Shannon diversity and Chao1 richness in leaves and roots. ‘Obs’, total number of observations (log-transformed). All P values were corrected for multiple comparisons using the sequential Bonferroni correction. Significance was assessed using Type III ANOVA with F tests for fixed effects and likelihood ratio tests for random effects. Bold values indicate statistically significant results after correction for multiple comparisons, P<0.05.