Figure 1 : Silver sulphide forms close to the surface of Ag NPs.

From: Dynamic protein coronas revealed as a modulator of silver nanoparticle sulphidation in vitro

Figure 1

TEM image with arrows highlighting nano-Ag2S (a, scale bar 50 nm), X-rays elemental mapping of Ag (red), S (blue, with white rings marking the approximate contour of the Ag NPs) and overlaid Ag and S (b), EDS spectrum—with arrows pointing at the peaks corresponding to each element—(c) and diffraction pattern—arrow pointing at the diffraction line corresponding to monoclinic Ag2S—(d) of silver nanocubes after 7 days incubation in RPMI-1640 supplemented with 1% FBS and formation of Ag2S at the surface of the Ag NPs.