Figure 5 : Dysmorphogenesis and cytomegaly of layer 2/3 mPFC neurons are sufficient to induce convulsive seizures.

From: Convulsive seizures from experimental focal cortical dysplasia occur independently of cell misplacement

Figure 5

(a) Diagram illustrating the vectors and strategy used. (b,c,e,f) Images of cGFP+tdTomatoCAG or cRhebCA+GFPCAG-electroporated neurons co-stained for pS6 (red and B&W for pS6 only, (e,f)). Scale: 100 μm. Neurons were co-electroporated with an inducible Cre plasmid and injected with tamoxifen at P6. (d,g) Bar graphs of the soma size of cGFP+ (N=4) neurons and cRhebCA+ (N=3) neurons (d) and pS6 immunoreactivity per cell (g). *P<0.05 (Student’s t-test). (h) Representative examples of EEG recordings from mice electroporated with plasmid encoding cGFP (left) and cRhebCA (right). Scale bar, 10 s, 210 μV. (i) Bar graphs show the number (#) of seizures/day and seizure duration in seizing cRhebCA animals (N=5). When compared to control (cGFP) littermates (N=6; *P<0.05; **P<0.01; Student’s t-test). Error bars, s.e.m.