Figure 3 : KER distributions.

From: Hetero-site-specific X-ray pump-probe spectroscopy for femtosecond intramolecular dynamics

Figure 3

X-ray pump/X-ray probe KERs of the F2+–Xeq+–F3+ and F+–Xeq+–F3+ break-up channels, averaging over all Xe charge states (q) observed in the experiment, . The time delays are 4 fs (black line), 29 fs (green line) and 54 fs (red line). A time dependence is observed for a pump pulse that excites the Xe site at 690 eV and a probe pulse that excites strong 1s→2p resonances near 683 eV of the transient states leading to F+ and F2+ ions. (a,d) Experimental results: the time dependence reveals hetero-site pump-probe events. Pump and probe pulses have 10-fs FWHM with 5-eV energy widths. (b,c,e,f) Theoretical results based on a classical break-up model for the three time delays, following pathways (1), (2), (3) and (4), respectively. The theoretical results only account for pump-probe events and are consistent with the experimental observations in the KER ranges left from the vertical lines. The error bars represent the standard deviation of the mean.