Figure 4 : Characterization of feasible and probably feasible scenarios, broken down into human diets.

From: Exploring the biophysical option space for feeding the world without deforestation

Figure 4

(a) Cropland demand, (b) average cropland yields, (c) grazing intensity, measured as grazing harvest in per cent of actual NPP and (d) biomass harvest, that is, total biomass harvested globally for food supply, given as dry matter. Dark boxes indicate the two inner quartiles (>25 and <75%) of all feasible scenarios; light grey-shaded boxes indicate the minimum and maximum values. Small lines indicate the median. Numbers below diets indicate the number of feasible scenarios. The total number of scenarios per diet is 120, with the exception of the VEGAN diet, with 40 scenarios. For abbreviations, see the text and the caption of Fig. 1. Colour codes are aimed to facilitate comparison with Supplementary Figs 3–6.