Table 2: Variation in ear-hole closure rate for pairs of species (males and females separated).

From: Comparative analysis of ear-hole closure identifies epimorphic regeneration as a discrete trait in mammals

SexContrastDFContrast SSMean squareF-valueAdjusted P value (HFL)
MaleDay × ach versus ake575.550081915.11001647.97<0.0001
 Day × ach versus cd15252.302076650.460415326.62<0.0001
 Day × ach versus myo539.58965157.91793034.180.0052
 Day × ach versus swi5117.120021123.424004212.36<0.0001
 Day × ake versus cd1536.76745947.35349193.880.0079
 Day × ake versus myo521.56687974.31337592.280.0747
 Day × ake versus swi541.43373848.28674774.370.0040
 Day × cd1 versus myo523.51130214.70226042.480.0563
 Day × cd1 versus swi546.58271969.31654394.920.0019
 Day × myo versus swi519.28565593.85713122.040.1039
FemaleDay × ach versus ake523.94111714.78822341.830.1365
 Day × ach versus cd15618.5524989123.710499847.26<0.0001
 Day × ach versus myo565.686897913.13737965.020.0015
 Day × ach versus swi5102.456520720.49130417.83<0.0001
 Day × ake versus cd15409.050505681.810101131.25<0.0001
 Day × ake versus myo557.396604411.47932094.380.0037
 Day × ake versus swi573.094248114.61884965.580.0007
 Day × cd1 versus myo531.97352016.39470402.440.0588
 Day × cd1 versus swi5134.064363426.812872710.24<0.0001
 Day × myo versus swi522.33927784.46785561.710.1609
  1. ach, A. cahirinus; ake, A. kempi; cd1, M. musculus (CD1); DF, degrees of freedom; myo, M. brockmani; SS, sum of squares; swi, M. musculus (Swiss Webster).