Figure 7 : Local desynchronization in the ictal core precedes seizure termination.

From: The ictal wavefront is the spatiotemporal source of discharges during spontaneous human seizures

Figure 7

(a) Examples of filtered data for two sample discharges during the pre-termination epoch. Low-frequency filtered data (0.3–50 Hz) are shown in grey and filtered data for multiunit activity detection (500–3000 Hz) are shown in teal. The threshold for multiunit event detection is indicated with a blue line. Bursts are indicated on the seizure in grey using black arrows. (b) Examples of high-γ (orange), firing rate (blue) and Gaussian fit (black dotted lines) for burst width superimposed on the multiunit activity raster plot (teal) for two bursts in one seizure: one at the beginning of the pre-termination epoch (early) and one at the end of the pre-termination epoch (late). Maximum mutual information values for each discharge are shown in boxes. (c) Relationship between peak multiunit firing rate and peak high-γ amplitude for each discharge. (d) Relationship between high-γ amplitude and multiunit discharge width for each discharge. (e) Relationship between peak high-γ amplitude and multiunit synchrony in each discharge. Colours in c, d, and e represent when each discharge occurred during the pre-termination epoch, with black dots occurring earlier and copper dots occurring later.