Figure 2 : Detailed analysis of African wild dog movement.

From: Energy cost and return for hunting in African wild dogs and cheetahs

Figure 2

Histogram of distance travelled per day including kernel density estimate for (a) 18 dogs in 13 other packs in the area (n=2,226 dog days) and (b) for the focal pack (n=708 dog days). Abscissa is cutoff at 98th percentile. The kernel density estimate for other packs (blue line) is displayed alongside the estimate for the focal pack (red line) in b after being normalized to fit the focal pack sample size. (c) Start time for all recorded chases at local time (n=1,119). (d) Distance travelled per day in kilometres by example dog ‘MJ’ colour coded into different speed ranges (walk: 0–1.5 ms−1 (red), trot: 1.5–3 ms−1 (green), slow gallop: 3–6 ms−1 (yellow), fast gallop: >6 ms−1 (blue)). (e) Total distance covered in each chase (n=1,119). (f) Top stride speed recorded in each chase (n=1,119).