Figure 7 : Effect of SKF-38393 on D1R diffusion.

From: Targeting neurotransmitter receptors with nanoparticles in vivo allows single-molecule tracking in acute brain slices

Figure 7

(a) The effect of the D1 agonist SKF-38393 (10 μM for 10 min) was tested in cultured neurons (control, n=1,205 trajectories; SKF-38393, n=1,174 trajectories; P<0.001 Kolmogorov–Smirnov test, showing a shift in the diffusion coefficient distribution. (b) The effect was also compared pairwise in acute slices based on QD that could be detected before and after treatment with SKF-38393 (as illustrated in the snapshots, scale bar, 2 μm), showing a significant increase in diffusion (n=24, control D=0.04±0.01 μm2 s−1, SKF-38393 D=0.07±0.02 μm2 s−1, Wilcoxon matched-pairs signed rank test P=0.0099). (c) Step distribution analysis of acute slices was performed for various lag times (example squared step distributions for lag time τ=0.1 s and 0.95 s) for control and SKF-38393 conditions. The squared step axes were normalized to 1 at the 0.5 cumulative distribution point in order to make a direct visual comparison of the populations (control, n=28,404 steps; SKF-38393, n=28,367 steps).