Figure 2 : MML-1 is regulated on germline removal.

From: Mondo complexes regulate TFEB via TOR inhibition to promote longevity in response to gonadal signals

Figure 2

(a) MML-1::GFP and MXL-2::GFP (green) in hypodermal cells (wild type, L4 stage). MML-1::GFP is localized to the nucleus and the mitochondria (white arrows). MXL-2::GFP is not specifically localized, but occasionally overlapped with the mitochondria (white arrows). Mitochondria are marked by MitoTracker Deep Red (Red). (b) mml-1 transcripts are upregulated in glp-1(e2141) animals relative to wild-type N2 as measured by qRT–PCR using total RNA samples prepared from >200 young adult worms. Mean±s.e.m. from three independent experiments are depicted and are normalized to wild-type N2. P-value (*P<0.05) was determined by t-test. (c) The representative fluorescent images of mml-1::GFP transgenic worms in wild-type N2 and glp-1 worms at day 1 young adult stage. Nuclear MML-1::GFP is elevated in glp-1 animals. (d) Quantification of nuclear MML-1::GFP in the posterior intestinal nucleus at day 1 young adult stage. Mean±s.e.m. from four biological replicates (>20 worms each) relative to N2 are presented. P-value (*P<0.05) was determined by t-test. Two other independent MML-1::GFP transgenic lines show a similar tendency (not shown). Scale bars, 20 μm (a) and 50 μm (c).