Figure 5 : Structure–function relationship of Sam68 and T-STAR KH dimerization.

From: Structural basis of RNA recognition and dimerization by the STAR proteins T-STAR and Sam68

Figure 5

(ac) Effect of Sam68-Y241E and T-STAR-Y141E mutations on alternative splicing of CD44 exon v5 (a), Neurexin3 exon AS4 (b) and Neurexin2 exon AS4 (c) minigenes. Top: agarose gel electrophoresis showing splicing of the minigenes in response to co-transfected proteins. Bottom: quantification of biological replicates from three independent co-transfection experiments. (d) Effect of Sam68 WT on a mutated Neurexin2 minigene before and after inclusion of a Sam68-binding site downstream of the exon AS4 5′ splice site. Bar charts were plotted in excel from at least three biological replicates and error bars represent the s.e.m. Statistical analyses were performed using GraphPad Prism (GraphPad software). P values were calculated using an independent two-sample t-test between GFP-transfected cells and Sam68- or T-STAR- (WT or mutant) transfected cells (statistical significance shown as: *0.01<P<0.05 and ***P<0.0001). Uncropped gels are shown in Supplementary Fig. 9.