Figure 2 : KH-linker dimer interface of the T-STAR STAR domain.

From: Structural basis of RNA recognition and dimerization by the STAR proteins T-STAR and Sam68

Figure 2

(a) Centre: overview of the KH-linker dimerization interface of T-STAR STAR in complex with AUUAAA. One monomer is represented as ribbon and the other in surface representation. Left: close-up view of the specific intermolecular KH/KH interaction involving helix 3. Right: close-up view of the specific intermolecular contacts between the linker of one monomer and the KH domain of another monomer. (b) Summary of intermolecular contacts observed in the dimer formed by the KH domains and the QUA1-KH linkers. Figure was generated using the software LigPlot+68. (c) Comparison of the structures of T-STAR STAR domain in complex with AUUAAA and GLD-1 STAR domain in complex with CUAACAA (pdb:4JVY)39. (d) Sequence alignment of human T-STAR, Sam68, QKI, GLD-1 and SF1 displaying the linker region and α-helix 3 involved in T-STAR dimerization. Residues corresponding to T-STAR Y45 and Y141 are coloured red. Residues involved in the dimerization are marked with an asterisk.