Figure 1 : Crystal structures of T-STAR STAR, QUA1-KH, KH and KH-QUA2 domains, free and in complex with RNA.

From: Structural basis of RNA recognition and dimerization by the STAR proteins T-STAR and Sam68

Figure 1

Overview of T-STAR STAR domain in complex with AUUAAA (a); QUA1-KH domain in complex with UAAU (b); KH domain free (c); KH domain in complex with AAAUAA (one KH bind the 5′ AAA moiety and another KH binds the 3′ UAA moiety) (d); and KH-QUA2 domain in complex with AAUAAU (e). The QUA1 dimer is in red and pink, the C-terminal half of the QUA1-KH linkers in black, the KH dimer in green and the RNA in orange. The QUA1 and KH dimers are labelled. The disordered N-terminal half of the QUA1-KH linker and the QUA2 domain are represented by brown and blue dashed lines, respectively.