Figure 6: DCX-EMAP localization in campaniform receptors. | Nature Communications

Figure 6: DCX-EMAP localization in campaniform receptors.

From: A doublecortin containing microtubule-associated protein is implicated in mechanotransduction in Drosophila sensory cilia

Figure 6

(a) UAS-dsRED localization in a wing-vein campaniform receptor. (b) UAS-EMAP-GFP localizes to the tubular body and is not detectable in other cellular compartments. (c) Merge of panels a and b. Arrowhead points toward the tubular body. (d) Schematic of the campaniform receptor. (e) GFP-tubulin showing sensory cilia. (f) EMAP-dsRed localizes to ciliary dilations. (g) Merge of panels e and f (sensory cilia are marked by arrows). (h) Schematic of DCX-EMAP localization in chordotonal receptors. (i) Rhodamine-phalloidin staining the actin rods within scolopale cells. (j) UAS-IAV-GFP expressed in chordotonal neurons using DJ648-Gal4. (k) Merge showing that IAV-GFP localizes to the proximal part of the cilia. (l) Schematic of IAV localization. (m) UAS-DCX-EMAP-dsRed expressed in chordotonal neurons of Johnston's organ (n) UAS-CNN-GFP. (o) Merge of panels m and n showing the localization of DCX-EMAP-dsRed distal to CNN-GFP. (p) Schematic of DCX-EMAP-dsRed and CNN-GFP localization. All scale bars are 5 μm.

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