The Failure of Environmental Education (And How We Can Fix It)

  • Charles Saylan &
  • Daniel T. Blumstein
Univ. California Press: 2011. 256 pp. £16.95

It is well recognized that environmental education has fundamentally failed to fulfil its vital role in helping to prevent climate change, biodiversity loss and degradation of the natural world. By way of a solution, Charles Saylan and Daniel T. Blumstein advocate a paradigm shift in the way we view education as a whole, so that we can create new levels of awareness and work towards a sustainable future. Their vision, outlined in this new book, includes practical measures such as the greening of school-yards and curricula that are specifically adapted to the locality.

Deep Future: The Next 100,000 Years of Life on Earth

  • Curt Stager
Macmillan US: 2011. 304 pp. $25.99

What does global warming mean for humans beyond the next century? In Deep Future, author and scientist Curt Stager draws on the planet's geological history to provide a view of where we might be heading. Stager highlights some of the events that our descendents are likely to experience, emphasizing how unusual these are in a historical context. Ultimately, Stager shows the crucial role of the choices we make today in steering that future.