Nat. Chem. Biol. 13, 982–993 (2017); corrected online 7 August 2017

In the version of this article initially published online, there were several typographical errors introducing scientific inaccuracies. In Figure 5a, the compound name NPE1136 was incorrectly written NPD1136. In the Discussion, the number of strains tested, 5,000, was incorrectly given as 4,900. In the Online Methods, several strain descriptions in the sections “Constructing a genome-wide drug sensitive yeast deletion correction” and “Assessing compound hit rate of sensitized yeast strains” were incorrect or unclear (in particular, the MATa xxxΔ::kanMX yeast strain was indicated as MA TaxxxΔ:kanMX); the unit mL was given in place of the correct μL in several places in the sections “Multi-parameter validation of cell wall targeting compounds” and “Zymolyase sensitivity assay”; references 14 and 15 were cited instead of references 8 and 17 in the section “Comparison with other chemical-genetic data sets section”; and the list of molecular descriptors calculated using PaDEL-Descriptor in the section “Computing molecular descriptors for all screened compounds” should have started with column L, not J. These errors have been corrected in all versions of the article.