Figure 3 : Disassembly of the CCMV–dendron complex.

From: Self-assembly and optically triggered disassembly of hierarchical dendron–virus complexes

Figure 3

ac, DLS traces of CCMV–G1 (a) CCMV–G2 (b) and CCMV–A (c) complex before and after UV exposure. Insets: corresponding second-order correlation functions. The micrometre-sized virus complexes can be efficiently degraded back to free individual viruses with a short UV exposure. Complexes formed with compound A (first-generation dendron without the photolabile linkers41) are inert to UV exposure. df, TEM images (negative staining) of CCMV and CCMV–dendron complexes (insets: size distribution histograms). Free virus in sparse order is shown in d. The addition of G1 (2) into the solution causes the virus to form micrometre-sized complexes (inset) with apparent dense hexagonal packing of the individual virus particles (e). UV exposure degrades the large complexes and free CCMV is observed again (f).