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Communicating chemistry

New web-based models of scholarly communication have made a significant impact in some scientific disciplines, but chemistry is not one of them. What has prevented the widespread adoption of these developments by chemists — and what are the prospects for adoption over time?

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Funding for the New Models for Scholarly Communication in Chemistry workshop held in Washington DC on 23–24 October 2008 was provided by the NSF through grant IIS-738543 SGER: Advancing the State of eChemistry. Further follow-on support for research and report writing was provided by Microsoft External Research through the oreChem Project. The authors gratefully acknowledge contributions to the white paper from workshop participants Roald Hoffmann, Leah Solla, Hilary Spencer, Jeremy Frey, John Wilbanks, Clifford Lynch and Jean-Claude Bradley. The authors also acknowledge the additional participants in the workshop: Colin Batchelor, Christine Borgman, Jane Hunter, Peter Jerram, Susan King, Peter Murray-Rust and Heinz Saller. This Commentary and the related white paper do not represent the views or opinions of all contributors, or workshop participants or of the organizations with which they are affiliated.

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