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Addendum: Exceptionally fast carbon–carbon bond reductive elimination from gold(III)

Nature Chemistry volume 6, page 453 (2014) | Download Citation

In our Article we described the preparation and observation in situ of a complex of the type [Au(aryl)2Cl(PPh3)], which is similar to a series of cyclometallated Au(III) complexes that undergo aryl–aryl and aryl–alkyl reductive elimination reported in two papers that we inadvertently omitted from our reference list:

Vicente, J., Bermudez, M. D., Escribano, J., Carrillo, M. P. & Jones, P. G. Synthesis of intermediates in the C–H activation of acetone with 2-phenylazophenylgold(III) complexes and in the C–C coupling of aryl groups from diarylgold(III) complexes. Crystal and molecular structures of [Au{C6H3(N=NC6H4Me-4′)-2-Me-5}(acac-C)Cl](acac = acetylacetonate), cis-[Au(C6H4N=NPh-2)Cl2(PPh3)] and [Au(C6H4CH2NMe2-2)(C6F5)Cl]. J. Chem. Soc. Dalton Trans. 3083–3089 (1990).

Vicente, J., Bermudez, M. D. & Escribano, J. Gold in organic synthesis. preparation of symmetrical and unsymmetrical biaryls via C-C coupling from cis-diarylgold(III) complexes. Organometallics 10, 3380–3384 (1991).

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