Figure 6 : Electrochemical performance of 10-wt% DIB sulfur copolymer.

From: The use of elemental sulfur as an alternative feedstock for polymeric materials

Figure 6

a, CV of pure sulfur (solid black line) and poly(S-r-DIB) (10 wt% DIB, open circles) at a scan rate of 20 µV s−1. b. Battery cycling data for poly(S-r-DIB) (10 wt% DIB, C/10 rate) showing the discharge capacity (open circles), charge capacity (filled circles) and coulombic efficiency (blue triangles) with the inset showing a typical charge/discharge profile. These results show that this composition of poly(S-r-DIB) copolymer exhibits comparable voltammetry to that of S8 and retains high specific capacity when cycled in a Li–S battery.