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Erratum: Regulation of Drosophila IAP1 degradation and apoptosis by reaper and ubcD1

Nature Cell Biology volume 4, page 546 (2002) | Download Citation


In Ryoo et al. Nature Cell Biology, 4, 432–438 (2002), Table 1 (shown below) was omitted from both the print and online versions.

Table 1: Genetic interaction assay with GMR-hid and GMR-rpr.

In the Discussion section of the same paper (page 437, line 17 of the second paragraph), the word 'not' is missing from the following sentence: 'The DIAP1–UBCD1 interaction is specific, as similar ubiquitin-conjugating enzymes, such as UBCD2, do not show a genetic or physical interaction with DIAP1.'

These changes have also been made to the online version of the manuscript.

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