Supplementary Figure 1: (Related to Fig. 1). | Nature Cell Biology

Supplementary Figure 1: (Related to Fig. 1).

From: Pramel7 mediates ground-state pluripotency through proteasomal–epigenetic combined pathways

Supplementary Figure 1

(a) Expression of Pramel7 in E14, Uhrf1−/− and DNMT-TKO ESCs grown in serum/LIF or 2i conditions. Pramel7 mRNA levels were measured by qRT-PCR and normalized to Actin mRNA. Average values of two independent experiments, lines represent means. (b) Western blot showing expression levels of Pramel7 and UHRF1 in E14, DNMT-TKO, Uhrf1−/− ESCs and P7 ESCs cultured in serum/LIF and 2i conditions detected with Pramel7 and UHRF1 antibodies. Tubulin is shown as loading control. Representative of 3 independent experiments. Unprocessed original scans of immunoblots are shown in Supplementary Figure 6.

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