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Retraction: G9a/RelB regulates self-renewal and function of colon-cancer-initiating cells by silencing Let-7b and activating the K-RAS/β-catenin pathway

Nature Cell Biology volume 19, page 76 (2017) | Download Citation


Nature Cell Biology 18, 993–1005 (2016); published online 15 August 2016; retracted online 21 November 2016

In this Article, we reported that G9a promotes colorectal-cancer-initiating cell self-renewal and function by repressing Let-7b expression in a manner independent of its enzymatic activity, thereby activating K-RAS and β-catenin signalling. However, it has come to our attention that during figure assembly certain images were inappropriately processed and duplicated in several figures of the article, including Figs 1d, 2d, 3b, 5a, 5f, 6h and 8f. In light of these errors and image reuse in multiple figures we have no confidence in the accuracy of the reported data, and the conclusions of the paper may be affected. Therefore, we wish to retract the paper. We deeply regret these circumstances and apologize to the scientific community.

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