Supplementary Figure 1 : Analysis of apoptosis, necrosis and necroptosis.

From: AMPK and PFKFB3 mediate glycolysis and survival in response to mitophagy during mitotic arrest

Supplementary Figure 1

(a) Depletion of Cdc20 after treatment of Cdc20(lox/lox); CreERT2 cells with 4-hydroxytamoxifen (4-OHT) (left top panel). Immunodetection of the indicated proteins after treatment with the indicated siRNAs (rest of panels). Vinculin or α-tubulin were used as a loading control. (b) Efficiency of the indicated siRNAs by quantification of mRNA levels 48 h after siRNA nucleofection. Data were normalized against the levels of β-actin transcripts. Data are mean ± SD and represent one out of at three independent experiments. (c) Immunodetection of caspase 3 cleavage in Cdc20-null cells treated with either ZVAD, Okadaic Acid (OA) or both, at the time points indicated. α-tubulin was used as loading control. (d) Representative electron microscopy images of Bak/Bax-null and wild-type cells arrested in mitosis by the nocodazole-MG132 treatment. Scale bars, 2 μm. (e) Percentage of cells positive for Annexin V or DAPI in the indicated cultures. The left panel represents Cdc20-null or control cells expressing CreERT2 in the presence of 4-hydroxytamoxifen (4OHT). Right panel represents human cells arrested in mitosis with Taxol and proTAME (Tx + pT). Values are represented as mean ± SD (n = 3 independent experiments). For a,c unprocessed original scans of blots are shown in Supplementary Fig. 7. Source data can be found in Supplementary Table 4.