Figure 1 : ATM kinase is localized at the peroxisome and activated in response to ROS.

From: ATM functions at the peroxisome to induce pexophagy in response to ROS

Figure 1

(a) Subcellular fractionation of HEK293 cells. Catalase and PMP70 were used as subcellular markers of the peroxisome (P). LDH, lamin A/C and β-integrin were used as markers for cytosolic (C), nuclear (N) and membrane (M) fractions, respectively. WCE, whole-cell extract. (b) Proteinase K assay in the presence or absence of Triton X-100 performed with peroxisomal fractions obtained from HEK293 cells. Immunoblotting was performed with ATM, catalase and PMP70 antibodies. WCE, whole-cell extract; P, peroxisome fraction. (c) HepG2 cells treated with H2O2 (0.4 mM) at 1, 3, 6 h. Whole-cell extracts (WCE) and peroxisomal fractions (P) were probed with the indicated antibodies. (d) Representative images of wild-type (GM15871) and Zellweger (GM13267) fibroblasts treated with or without H2O2 for 1 h and immunostained for active pATM (Ser 1981; green) and catalase (red). Scale bars, 15 μm. High-magnification images of the outlined areas are indicated to the right (scale bars, 5 μm). Unprocessed original scans of blots are shown in Supplementary Fig. 9.