Nat. Cell Biol. 14, 1314–1321 (2012); published online 11 November 2012; corrected after print 10 July 2015

In the version of this Letter originally published, the TUBA immunoblotting panel and the Coomassie-stained panel was used in Figure 5c (in the dataset corresponding to let-7 antagomir treatment, top set of panels), and reused in Figure 5e, without appropriate acknowledgement. The Coomassie-stained gel was vertically flipped in Figure 5e but the alignment of the lanes was maintained. The TUBA immunoblot and Coomassie-stained membranes represent experimental controls. The p62 panel in Figures 2j and 2k (CQ-treated) was also reused without appropriate attribution. In all cases of reuse of blots between panels, the samples were obtained within one representative experiment and processed in parallel.

The authors confirm that all instances of vertical splicing of lanes, for example in Figs 1 and 3, were carried out in full compliance with the journal guidelines. All spliced samples were collected and processed in a single experiment.

The original publication was missing Supplementary Fig. S3 containing the uncropped scans of the blots; this has now been included online.