Supplementary Figure 6 : The RCK Mammalian Homolog DDX6 is a Suppressor of Autophagy in Primary Embryonic Stem Cells, Related to Fig. 5.

From: A conserved mechanism of TOR-dependent RCK-mediated mRNA degradation regulates autophagy

Supplementary Figure 6

(a) Schematic representation of DDX6 WT and two independent DDX6 gene trap insertion clones. (b) Decapping assay: The presence of capped LC3 transcripts was assayed in DDX6 WT, DDX6 clone #1 (DDX6+/−#1), and DDX6 clone #2 (DDX6+/−#2) by the method of Fig. 3 at the indicated times after transcriptional suppression. (c) Degradation assay: Quantification of LC3 transcripts of the indicated cells after transcriptional suppression in n = 3 independent experiments normalized to each respective time zero + / − SD. Student’s t-test, p < 0.05;p < 0.01.