Supplementary Figure 6 : Decreased cardiac fibrosis and dysfunction in anti-oxidant treated G2 animals.

From: Role of telomere dysfunction in cardiac failure in Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Supplementary Figure 6

(a) Representative Trichrome staining of cardiac sections of G2-saline (left) and G2-MnTBAP injected hearts. The fibrosis of hearts from G2-MnTBAP injected mice is still present but significant reduced compared to controls. (b) Quantification of fibrosis. (n = 5 mice per condition). Two-tailed, unpaired Student’s  t-test, P>0.07 (n.s.). (c) Comparison of heart to whole body weight (HW/BW) at 32 weeks. Data are represented as mean±SEM (n = 6–7); Two-tailed, unpaired Student’s  t-test, * indicates P<0.05. (d) Representative images from G2-saline and G2-MnTBAP hearts showing restoration of left ventricular dilation and contractility. Source data are shown in Supplementary Table S1.