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Turning points

Nature Cell Biology volume 11, page 363 (2009) | Download Citation


A series of essays describing pivotal events in the careers of cell biologists.

This month's issue of Nature Cell Biology presents the first in a new series of short autobiographical essays by leading scientists entitled “Turning Points”. The articles offer a historical perspective of the career of the author and feature a first-hand recounting of a pivotal event that shaped their scientific future. Events may be as diverse as the unexpected generosity of a colleague, a move to a new destination or even arguments with peers that triggered a shift in research direction or led to the development of a new concept. We hope that the series will highlight some of the stories that are part of the folklore of cell biology — tales often recounted at the bar or beach during conferences, but which seldom find an audience in a more formal context. As such, we hope they will prove inspirational to scientists early in their career. The series launches on p364 with an account from Gottfried Schatz on how he was inspired to embark on a career devoted to studying mitochondria. The authors will be drawn from fields that are represented within the journal. If there is a particular cell, molecular or developmental biologist whom you would like to see featured in this series, please send your suggestions to cellbio@nature.com

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