Fujitsu, Japan's largest computer maker, is to join hands with the Biomolecular Engineering Research Institute (BERI; Osaka), Japan Bioindustry Association (Tokyo), and universities to launch a web-based biotechnology network, Japanese Bionet, to promote interaction between industry and researchers. By partnering with international companies, Japanese Bionet will provide consultation services to biotechnology-related ventures and researchers planning to set up new businesses. Partners already include Oxford Molecular (Oxford, UK), which supplies bioinformatics products and research services for drug discovery; the US chemical software company Cambridge Soft Corporation (Cambridge, MA); and Beilstein Informationssysteme (Frankfurt), the German chemical database company. Bionet will supply companies and researchers with information and advice on gene and protein analysis, creation of biological databases, and information technology required for discovery of new drugs and chemicals. Fujitsu, which plans to set up part of its network service by the end of the year, says its ultimate aim is to provide information and services related to "personalized medicine."