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Metabolic Consequences of Expression of the Medium Chain Hydrolase Gene of the Rat in Mouse NIH 3T3 Cells

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Mammalian medium chain hydrolase (MCH) is normally expressed only in epithelial cells of lactating mammary glands of rodents such as the rat. We have transferred a rat MCH cDNA gene into mouse fibroblasts (NIH 3T3) under the control of a retroviral promoter. Expression of the MCH cDNA gene is accompanied by a shift in fatty acid synthesis towards medium chain length. Some of these medium chain fatty acids are secreted into the growth medium as free fatty acids whilst the remainder are incorporated into triglyceride and, to a limited extent, into polar components comprising the structural lipids. Long term labelling experiments show that there is enhanced turn over of those lipids containing medium chain fatty acids.

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  1. R. Safford: Corresponding author.


  1. Biosciences Division, Unilever Research, Colworth House, Sharnbrook, Beds, MK44 1LQ, U.K.

    • S. A. Bayley
    • , M. T. Moran
    • , E. W. Hammond
    • , C. M. James
    • , R. Safford
    •  & S. G. Hughes


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