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Transgenic Production of a Variant of Human Tissue-Type Plasminogen Activator in Goat Milk: Generation of Transgenic Goats and Analysis of Expression


We report the first successful production of transgenic goats that express a heterologous protein in their milk. The production of a glycosylation variant of human tPA (LAtPA - longer acting tissue plasminogen activator) from an expression vector containing the murine whey acid promoter (WAP) operatively linked to the cDNA of a modified version of human tPA was examined in transgenic dairy goats. Two transgenic goats were identified from 29 animals born. The first animal, a female, was mated and allowed to carry the pregnancy to term. Milk was obtained upon parturition and was shown to contain enzymatically active LAtPA at a concentration of 3 μg/ml.

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