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What brown cannot do for you

Chromogenic stains have long been used in immunodiagnostic assays, but fluorescence-based readouts could supplant them as emphasis shifts away from diagnosis to prediction by means of quantifiable results.

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Figure 1: The relationship between AQUA score and absolute protein concentration as measured by ELISA assay as a function of antibody concentration.
Figure 2: A theoretical series of curves showing relationships between expression and disease outcome.


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Thanks to M. Dolled-Filhart, C. Kleer and C. Allred for critical review of this manuscript. Work in the Rimm laboratory is supported by grants R01 CA 114277, R33 CA 106709, R33 CA 110511 and an Avon Patients for Progress Grant from the U.S. National Institutes of Health and the Breast Cancer Alliance of Greenwich, Connecticut, USA. Dr. Rimm is a founder, stockholder and consultant to HistoRx, the exclusive licensee of the Yale owned AQUA patent.

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