New products

    Genomics & proteomics

    Detecting SNPs

    Available from Genome Express (Meylan, France), SYN-QUENCE is a software program that dramatically increases the speed and precision of identifying and confirming DNA mutations. It analyzes thousands of samples and displays polymorphic loci for the user to verify, all in a few seconds. In addition, SYN-QUENCE is simple to use, convenient, and economical.

    Biological NMR

    Bruker NMR (Billerica, MA) announces the first triple-resonance inverse CryoProbe for structural genomics and proteomics with 10 times higher throughput. With a 5 mm, 500 MHz inverse probe for 1H detection, with simultaneous 13C and 15N decoupling, a deuterium lock, and an actively shielded z-gradient, it provides all the features expected from conventional NMR high-performance probes, it can work with existing NMR spectrometers with actively shielded magnets, it does not require new NMR pulse sequence or methods development, yet it introduces the enormous benefits of Bruker's enabling and patented CryoProbe NMR technology into mainstream biological protein and DNA applications. The CryoProbe comes complete with a unique CryoPlatform cooling and automatic control support unit that provides for easy, pushbutton-automated operation.

    Genomic DNA purification

    Cambridge Molecular's (Cambridge, UK) gNAPS is a scalable, single-vessel system for the purification of genomic DNA from whole blood. Based on a proprietary filter method that uses only three reagents (all of which are nontoxic) and takes 5 min (with a nominal 10 min incubation stage), the entire process produces high-yield, high-molecular-weight DNA for a wide range of downstream applications. The single reaction vessel into which the whole blood is added directly makes it readily applicable to automation.

    Liquid handling

    High-speed dispenser

    Cartesian Technologies' (Irvine, CA) PixSys SQ Series is a high-speed dispensing platform for delivering nanoliter volumes of chemical and biological reagents. Using Cartesian's proprietary synQUAD technology, the PixSys SQ combines the high-speed actuating capability of a microsolenoid inkjet valve with the high-resolution displacement of a syringe pump. By synchronizing the valve, the pump, and the x–y positioning system, the system is capable of high-speed, quantitative dispensing of nanoliter volumes (down to 20 nl) for high-speed plate filling and arraying.

    Flexible liquid handling

    Zymark's (Hopkinton, MA) SciClone Liquid Handler now features a 384-channel, non-disposable fixed tip head for enhanced liquid handling capability and throughput in the laboratory. Advanced positioning capability enables rapid positioning of plates and pipetting heads, and the 9- or 15-position worktable accommodates multiplate formats including reservoirs, deepwells, and a wash station.

    Versatile pipetter

    Designed for high-throughput sampling, the Apricot from Perkin Elmer Life Sciences (Gaithersburg, MD) is a multistation personal pipetter that offers the advanced capability of switching from 384 to 96 channels. It offers high precision at 1 μl dispensing volume with under 5% CV, and a choice of disposable or stainless-steel, Teflon-coated tips. Instruments are available in two volume ranges, 150 μl and 550 μl, and one-, three-, or four-station stages.

    Smaller is better

    The Monopette Shorty from Micronic Systems (Lelystad, the Netherlands) is designed to minimize the risk of repetitive strain injuries. Measuring only 18 cm in length, it allows users to hold their hand lower during pipetting, reducing wrist problems and neck and shoulder tension. Tip point positioning is also easier. All functions are conveniently located on a single control knob. The Monopette Shorty is available in 1–10 μl, 5–50 μl, and 25–200 μl versions.

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