Eco-terrorism penalties

Legislation that would impose tough penalties on eco-terrorists guilty of destroying GM research crops was passed by a California committee in April. In the past year, antibiotech group Reclaim the Seeds has claimed responsibility for damage to crops and equipment owned by University of California, Pioneer Hi-Bred, and NK Seeds (Nat. Biotechnol. 17, 1053, 1999), but those responsible have not been caught. Under the new legislation, those actually caught damaging crops would be liable for twice the value of the crop, including the cost of related testing, research, and crop development—as determined by the court. No other state or country has passed anti-GM crop destruction laws, according to the office of State Assemblywoman Helen Thomson (D-Davis), who introduced the legislation. The new law, which covers only university research and would impose the same penalties for destruction of livestock, awaits a vote by the entire legislature.


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