EU biosciences panel

European Commissioner for Research Philippe Busquin has appointed 11 European scientists from different public research institutes to be part of the Biosciences High Level Group (BHLG), a new advisory body that will represent the EU bioscience research community in dialogs with the public. According to Axel Kahn, chair of BHLG and a senior scientist at the Cochin Molecular Genetics Institute (Paris), the group aims to involve the European Parliament and Council, consumers, nongovernmental organizations, industry, and the media in addressing controversies linked to advances in life sciences. Creation of BHLG is in line with Busquin's proposal to create a unified European Research Policy across the EU that pays special attention to citizens' expectations and demands. The 1999 Eurobarometer opinion poll on public attitude to biotechnology revealed only 11% of respondents felt adequately informed about biotechnology.

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