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Production of Recombinant Human CSF–1 in an Inducible Mammalian Expression System


We describe the production of human colony stimulating factor–1 (CSF–1) in an inducible mammalian expression system that is capable of producing milligram quantities of recombinant protein. The system involves CV–1 derived cell lines that contain integrated copies of an SV40–origin–containing CSF–1 expression plasmid. SV40–T–antigen–dependent replication of the integrated expression plasmid was induced by infecting such cells with either SV40 or a defective recombinant adenovirus (Ad5.SVR3) encoding SV40 large T antigen. The transient increase in recombinant plasmid copy number resulted in high levels of CSF–1 expression. Induction by AD5.SVR3 gave ten–fold higher expression levels than induction with SV40. This intermediate–scale expression system provides an efficient method of producing a moderate level of recombinant protein following cDNA cloning.

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